Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To my Liebchen, for June 25th

Liebchen... So, yeah. 10 years together this month, 9 years in the house a few months back, and 8 years of marriage. 

I couldn’t love you more than I did the first day that we met at Howler’s, briefly introduced by our ex’s. Or the first day we spent time together, at the Zoo. Or our first date, at the Carnegie Museum and Banjo Night at James Street. Or the first time we kissed, at my apartment, when I drew a mustache on you and Chacha sat on your head and gave approval. Or the first time you told me you loved me, standing in Zythos, and I dropped my purse and kissed you, and we were so full of wonder. Or when we moved in together and you realized just how many books I owned and still let me through the door. Or when we bought our house and then continued to kill ourselves for nearly a decade making it our incredible home. Or when you asked me to marry you, in the Sculpture Hall at the Carnegie. Or when we got married on the cliffs of California in Goat Rock. Or when we brought Mambo home and couldn’t find her in the dark because she was so small and now she’s our everything. Or when we brought Rummy home and had to teach him what grass was, but now he loves us more than triangles and treats. Or when we have explored the US and Europe together; creating tales and drinking wine and experiencing life and history together, especially our afternoons in the gardens in Paris. Or when we held hands watching our family and friends get married, and helped with their new houses, and met their sweet little babies that we squeeze and love. Or meeting little darling little Lily for the first time. Or when we just sit around a fire, or on the porch, or even just lazing on the couch snuggling dogs and entertaining each other like no one else can do.

We’ve rocked it through every up, every down, every hug, and every high five.

“365 Things I Love About Liebchen” is now 2,920 Reasons. I gave up recording them because it took too much time away from squeezing your sweet little face.

I stupid love you. I’m still love tornado struck. Mein liebchen. Je t’aime, mon petit chou-fleur. Watashi, no chishiki. These were our only vows, and I mean them more today than ever.

And, here's our wedding song:
I'm mentally on vacation.  I'm physically still at work for two more days.

I'm kind of like this right now.

Today was monumental

Today was monumental. If you aren't for gay rights, go ahead and unfriend me. 

But, before you do, you should really take a good look at yourself and your beliefs. If it's because of religion, you should probably read your scripture and remember that your god loves everybody. And you should probably stop eating shellfish and stoning your neighbor. If it's for other reasons, well, you're probably a jerk. No one that is gay is bothering you (except maybe making you fabulous), or making you be gay by proxy. Chill out. Let people live their lives. Go about your business. Your protestant neighbor doesn't make you any less Catholic. Your Indian neighbor doesn't forcefeed you curry (though that would be pretty amazing).

Also, I guarantee you that you have at least one gay person in your circle of family or friends, even if you don't know it. But they know it. And they are scared as hell if they're not "out" yet. They just want to be who they are, and they need your love and support. Stop being a jerk, and actually love the people that you love.

Today was amazing.

Macklemore gets it. AND he gets thrift shops.

And for everyone who I love that got their recognition and freedom today? I love you. I love you. I love you. Go on with your bad selves.
I'm funny, I swear.