Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So, I finally watched the new Great Gatsby movie.  I was very concerned about it, because the book is dear to my heart.

I found it to be quite delightful and enjoyable.  Obviously, I watched it on the little wee TV because SOMEONE was playing Skyrim on the third floor, but other than the graphics being a bit muddled, both because of little TV and that it was filmed in 3D, I thought it was just great.

The acting was spot on, and well cast.  They were all very believable, and actually quite close to what I had always imagined.  The fraility and flutteriness of Daisy, the "safety" of Tom, and the crazed drive of Gatsby was evoked quite well.  I thought they really portrayed the characters close to what I thought they would be, and actually got into some subliminal messages that weren't obvious unless you've read the book a hundred times like I have.

Visually it was beautiful, though like I said, perhaps a little too CGI because of the 3D.

The soundtrack, which at first I was weirded out by because it was modern (I'm a traditionalist when it comes to period films), really actually fit the movie quite well and wasn't quite as odd as Moulin Rouge (which I also found delightful after getting over it and just rolling with the times).

Good show!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fruitvale Station

I have high, but perhaps displaced, hopes that this movie will shed some light on some terrible things happening in our country, especially in light of recent events and rulings.

Forest Whitaker and Octavia Spencer are national treasures, and word is that Oakland local first time director and writer Ryan Coogler is an ace.  I lived in Oakland for more than 5 years, and it needs some love, some scrutiny, and some change.  But, like most cities with issues in the States, it just needs some attention in order to bounceback and thrive (see my other home, Pittsburgh, PA).

It is an amazing city, and each neighborhood is unique and beautiful and full of amazing people and thriving community love.

Let's look at some stats on the California poverty rates:

And let's look specifically at Oakland (this one has an interactive map!)

And here is the trailer:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week 1: 14 Weeks of Sh!t

So, my darling husband thought of this a few years ago when we were bored and melancholy with the long Pittsburgh winters, and were burned out on streaming Netflix.  He made "13 Weeks of Shit" to keep us entertained.  He had a bowl full of pieces of paper, on which were written a weekend activity, and a brunch/dinner option.  Each week I got to blindly pick one from the bowl, and we would venture out that weekend following the card's instructions.

It was great fun, and we were pleased and entertained all winter.  The man is amazing.  They were a great 13 weeks.

Then our life, as it does, got quite busy again with plays and musicals and travel and work and such madness, and the 13 Weeks of Shit became only a fond memory.

(I should probably mention here that my darling husband is an arts & theater teacher.  It will make more sense soon.)

This past Christmas (2012), we had our dear friends visiting from California (who didn't know about 13 Weeks of Shit), and my last gift from Mr. Husband was a smallish heavy box.  I opened it, and pulled out the large, handmade, creation that was inside.  It was a giant pile of steaming poop.  Beautifully crafted, by the way, by my darling husband.  Our friends were obviously quite confused.  The top part of the poop lifted away and inside were 14 (he had upped the ante from the last series) pieces of paper, each with it's own new activity and dining experience, and written with the wry inside humor that makes us "US".

Seriously.  The best husband in the world is all mine.

So, after getting through musical season and our June travel, here we are, embarking on 14 Weeks of Shit.  They won't run concurrently, but they will be absolutely amazing.

And here, in all of its glory, is Week 1.  We'll be going to The Mattress Factory and James Street on Sunday (where, incidentally, we had our first date just 10 short years ago next month).

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I normally dislike tiny nature creatures, but this little guy is super cute, and if you follow the Flickr link in the article there are so many amazing pictures of things that I hope never fly into my car while I'm driving.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To my Liebchen, for June 25th

Liebchen... So, yeah. 10 years together this month, 9 years in the house a few months back, and 8 years of marriage. 

I couldn’t love you more than I did the first day that we met at Howler’s, briefly introduced by our ex’s. Or the first day we spent time together, at the Zoo. Or our first date, at the Carnegie Museum and Banjo Night at James Street. Or the first time we kissed, at my apartment, when I drew a mustache on you and Chacha sat on your head and gave approval. Or the first time you told me you loved me, standing in Zythos, and I dropped my purse and kissed you, and we were so full of wonder. Or when we moved in together and you realized just how many books I owned and still let me through the door. Or when we bought our house and then continued to kill ourselves for nearly a decade making it our incredible home. Or when you asked me to marry you, in the Sculpture Hall at the Carnegie. Or when we got married on the cliffs of California in Goat Rock. Or when we brought Mambo home and couldn’t find her in the dark because she was so small and now she’s our everything. Or when we brought Rummy home and had to teach him what grass was, but now he loves us more than triangles and treats. Or when we have explored the US and Europe together; creating tales and drinking wine and experiencing life and history together, especially our afternoons in the gardens in Paris. Or when we held hands watching our family and friends get married, and helped with their new houses, and met their sweet little babies that we squeeze and love. Or meeting little darling little Lily for the first time. Or when we just sit around a fire, or on the porch, or even just lazing on the couch snuggling dogs and entertaining each other like no one else can do.

We’ve rocked it through every up, every down, every hug, and every high five.

“365 Things I Love About Liebchen” is now 2,920 Reasons. I gave up recording them because it took too much time away from squeezing your sweet little face.

I stupid love you. I’m still love tornado struck. Mein liebchen. Je t’aime, mon petit chou-fleur. Watashi, no chishiki. These were our only vows, and I mean them more today than ever.

And, here's our wedding song:
I'm mentally on vacation.  I'm physically still at work for two more days.

I'm kind of like this right now.

Today was monumental

Today was monumental. If you aren't for gay rights, go ahead and unfriend me. 

But, before you do, you should really take a good look at yourself and your beliefs. If it's because of religion, you should probably read your scripture and remember that your god loves everybody. And you should probably stop eating shellfish and stoning your neighbor. If it's for other reasons, well, you're probably a jerk. No one that is gay is bothering you (except maybe making you fabulous), or making you be gay by proxy. Chill out. Let people live their lives. Go about your business. Your protestant neighbor doesn't make you any less Catholic. Your Indian neighbor doesn't forcefeed you curry (though that would be pretty amazing).

Also, I guarantee you that you have at least one gay person in your circle of family or friends, even if you don't know it. But they know it. And they are scared as hell if they're not "out" yet. They just want to be who they are, and they need your love and support. Stop being a jerk, and actually love the people that you love.

Today was amazing.

Macklemore gets it. AND he gets thrift shops.

And for everyone who I love that got their recognition and freedom today? I love you. I love you. I love you. Go on with your bad selves.
I'm funny, I swear.